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Army stiching hands green tekst tools


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This advertisement was shot for the Dutch army, who at the time were in search for doctors.

The army had already made a larger campaign that used the words “geschikt” (appropriate) and “ongeschikt” (inappropriate). We wanted to play around with the idea of healing and these two engaging words. The result: a surgical thread mending the appropriate response.

Army close1We tried different type sizes to find the right balance between the thread, hands and words. The challenge here was to keep the stitching thread tight, but not so tight as to lift the paper that was being stitched for the photo. The solution was to create the image using separate shots.

First, the thread being held by the clamps were shot. Second, we made a separate shot of the hands. Then, we combined both images using the computer. We used a greenish colour to reference not only the operating room, but also the green of army fatigues. As a contrast, the hands were given a hint of magenta to represent the human aspect of the job.

Finally, we recreated typeface using the computer because the sharpness of my photographs revealed little inkjet dots from the printing process. Sometimes, equipment can be too perfect!

Army close2

Young women

Young women

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Young Women

These shots were original made for an assignment and intended for commercial use. The client wanted me to shoot these women for an advertisement, specifically a medicine that would fight cancer that affects women.

I found there was something more to these pictures, something morose. I totally reworked the images to come up with a moodier tone. I used a subtle complementary colour shift, making the whites look a little bluish in contrast with the darker parts, which come out a bit more yellowish. These colours, combined with the fine details my camera was able to capture, created a haunting series of images that stick in the mind.


All sports

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All Sports gym, Amstelveen, The Netherlands.

Beautiful, well-trained bodies that are perfectly toned are matched with … less than desirable faces.

To create faces that only a mother could love, I did a bit of creative retouching–adding pimples and spots, changing the lips and hairlines … even the eyes. After that, the faces were combined with the well-trained bodies of the gym member models.

“All Sports, everything helps”.

Hands Aids foundation rotten apple fresco michelangelo


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Aids Foundation

This shoot was a request from the Aids foundation to create an image that reflects the problem of aids in a creative way. We chose to shoot the passing of a rotten apple between healthy hands, symbolizing the seemingly innocent exchange of AIDs between two well-meaning people.

At first, the shoot was easy. The hands were shot separately, and the background was created entirely using the computer.

The trouble with the shoot came down to capturing the apple. We had rotten apples in different stages, but they all turn brownish like a kiwi. No one would be able to recognize the fruit as a rotten apple if we shot them as is. So, to solve the problem, I shot the apples separately and retouched the stains on top of a fresh apple to maintain the shape. Now the symbol, and the message, was perfectly clear.


Poggio in Caiano

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Italy, Poggio in Caiano

Poggio a Caiano is a town in the region of Tuscany, Italy.

These images were shot in an ancient villa that was built by Lorenzo de Medici in 1473. The house is beautifully decorated, and boasts a reasonable large garden where many parties were held. Lorenzo could, as one of the wealthiest people of his time, fulfill his most exotic wishes when building this exquisite villa. In that spirit, I wanted to create a shoot representing what I imagined for this beautiful construction.

In postproduction, I changed these daytime shots to look as though they were captured by moonlight. I shot animals from a zoo , shooting at just the right perspective, and with the perfect amount of light in which to seamlessly drop my images of the animals into the photos captured at the villa. The result is a dreamy menagerie of my own making.

More info about the villa can be found here.


Chucky skin disease


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Chucky and his skin disease

This is Chucky. He suffers from a very bad skin disease that causes him unthinkable pain.

I wanted to find a way to express Chucky’s pain, and his anguish at their not being a cure for his disease, in a sequence of haunting images. I came up with the idea of using latex as a symbol for his skin. His peeling the latex away would be a physical representation of the relief he craves from his oppressive affliction.

Unfortunately, the cure for the disease is still undiscovered.


Kitchen design stainless steel Vola tap hob sink stylish design dark


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When I rented a new studio, I was forced to rebuild everything. The studio was in truly bad shape and needed some loving care. In this rebuild, a new kitchen was needed. I love to design, and instead of hiring someone else, I decided to create my own vision for a dream kitchen. Of course, once it was built, I just had to photograph it.


Moon jelly vancouver sea aquarium BC

Moon jelly

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Moon Jelly, Vancouver

The Vancouver sea aquarium in British Columbia, Canada, has a stunning jellyfish collection.

I decided to photograph the Moon Jelly (also called by its scientific name, Aurelia Labiatae). These beautiful creatures occur in large quantities throughout coastal waters. I was touched by the beauty of these creatures and amazed by the elegance in which they move through the water. The aquarium displays these creatures, each of them identical, against a very bright blue wall, which I retouched, of course, to suit my personal tastes. The result is otherworldly.