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Tegenkracht foundation (Stichting Tegenkracht)

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Portraits shot for the Tegenkracht foundation

The Tegenkracht Foundation (also called the Stichting Tegenkracht in Dutch) encourages people with cancer to engage in a little healthy sport to help gain the strength necessary to cope with the hardships of chemotherapy. The portraits we took for the Tegenkracht Foundation represents a wide variety of people with different types of cancer participating in the foundation’s sporting program. A good campaign for a great cause.


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Advertisment for Sushi Qube

A sexy shot of one of the delicious dishes from Sushi Qube, a swanky Rotterdam-based sushi restaurant in Holland. The sharp lines and colors of the photo exemplify the precision and beauty of the delicacies on Sushi Qube’s delicate menu.

Schiphol airport 9009

Schiphol airport

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Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam The Netherlands

Returning home from a long overdue holiday, I had the opportunity to shoot these fantastic images at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport in a restricted access area of the airport.

I wandered the airport taking as many pictures as possible of planes and the spaces they inhabit. When I started post-production on the images, I saw something beyond all the advertising and branding spread across every surface. I removed all the brand names, advertising, and changed the colouring to resemble something like the bright colours seen on Playmobil boxes. This added a surreal, eerie effect to the photos.


Schaefer bridge #1

Schaefer Bridge

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Schaefer Bridge, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The Schaefer Bridge, named after the local politician Jan Schaefer, is located in the center of Amsterdam. It connects the city with the former harbor islands that are currently being redeveloped for housing. The bridge is a landmark, and many have shot it. I saw that as a challenge.

For me, shooting it at daylight would have been too easy. Instead, I used an HDR technique to shoot the bridge at night. I decided to stretch the technique to its limits, using it as a contrast limiter instead of implementing is simply as an effect. This made the bridge come to life in the dark. Every small detail of the bridge is visible, just like in daylight, which wouldn’t have been possible with the large contrast between shadows and the city lights.

The results, I think, are breathtaking.

Samsung notebook

Samsung notebook

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Samsung Notebook

This was a photo shoot for a new Samsung Notebook product. The thin lines of the computer match the clothing of the models. I used a colour scheme that shifts subtly from a yellowish white to magenta and towards a dark blue hue that brings a little mystery and a lot of gravity to the shot.

Renault vans

Renault vans

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Renault Vans

How much can one van hold?

To show the unbelievable carrying capability of a Renault Van, I shot two builders carrying a heavy wooden pole. I captured the image of the two men using a single shot and pasted the image into a composition of two Renault vans.  I also rendered a subtle backdrop with a slightly visible horizon using my computer.

This simple technique created a bold, striking example of the Renault vans’ scale.

Protective ipad cover

Protective iPad cover

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Protective iPad cover

It’s a modern fear–accidentally drowning your beloved computer equipment with a glass of water, or dropping it in the toilet. If you’ve done it once, you’re always worried it will happen again. It’s a modern phobia that won’t go away.

To save us from our fears, the Europeesche insurance company decided to offer a watertight protective iPad cover to their new clients. They needed an eye-catching advert to show this free cover in action. The fantastic art director I worked with on the project came up with a stunning idea: turning the iPad into a modern day message in a bottle–2.0 style.  I shot his vision at the Dutch shore on a stormy day, giving the advert a bit of added drama.

Resurrection | Marc van Oene


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I received a phone call from a friend with whom I worked with on the Tegenkracht foundation campaign. She asked me if I could help her with a picture of her and her friends from the Amazones foundation, a group dedicated to young women with breast cancer. Because I’m an enthusiastic guy, I immediately agreed. Of course I would help!

I soon learned that “her friends” were, in reality, a dozen women representing the Pink Ribbon Award. The year’s theme was “together”, and they had decided that it would be a great idea to pose together and wanted my help for the shoot.

My initial reaction of enthusiasm quickly changed to fear. What was I going to do with twelve women in one photograph? It’s never easy to make a group portrait with so many people. And, these women are ill–how would I represent them honestly and compassionately?

After thinking about the problem for a while, it was clear to me that if the photo is about breast cancer, we would have to show it. I knew I had to ask them to pose (half) naked, to show their suffering. How was I going to approach them with this suggestion?

The women had already made up several ideas for the shoot, and discussed them lively on the Amazons forum. I too had my ideas. I was thinking–what would it be like to face a diagnosis of breast cancer. Naturally, one would be extremely upset; and, for some reason, this thought reminded me of one of my visits to the cathedral of Orvieto in Italy. In the aisle, there are stunning frescos by the Italian painter Luca Signorelli. That work inspired me to choose the theme for the shoot: “resurrection”.

Because of the sensitivity of the subject matter I was very nervous, and I had not told them the idea. On the day of the shoot, I finally revealed what my intentions for the shoot were. Fortunately, the women understood the idea completely, and were very enthusiastic. 

Everyone needed makeup for the shoot. So, to speed the process along, I chose to photograph the women in small groups of two or three. This also gave me maximum flexibility when compositing the shoot. In postproduction, looking at the details and putting everything together, I was faced with the reality of what these women had to go through. I felt humbled to work with their images.

Because most of the girls did not knew each other in real life, only through the Amazon forum, cinematographer Mark van Eden shot a short film as a reminder of the shooting day, and the project as a whole. The film can be watched here (English subtitles)

I hope that in creating this image, I played a small part in making the public more aware of this horrible disease.

office staple clean light

The office

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The office

In the advertising business, clients usually want things to go big. They want their products to fill as much ad space as possible. Bigger, in other words, is almost always better.

Here, in this personal visual experiment, I tried the opposite by asking the question: how small can the product be in a composition without taking away the image’s attractiveness?

In these images, there’s no doubt that the eye moves immediately to the staple, the rubberband, and the foam. Without these visual cues, the viewer is left to drift. See? Size doesn’t always matter.


Bose sound system car doors hifi livingroom

Bose sound system

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Bose Sound System

This is an ad that was made for Renault, the French car manufacturer, when they launched a new Megane model boasting a superior Bose sound system.  The adverts purpose was to suggest that the Bose system in your car is as good as any you would have in your house.

Location scouting for a large enough room with creamy walls and a concrete floor to make the art director’s vision come to life was proving to be too time-consuming. Due to the short production time, I decided to model the room, speaker mounts, wires, console and stereo in 3D. Only the car doors and carpet are photographed and pasted into the 3D model. This is just one example where CGI has saved time–and money–for a highly creative project.