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Het Klokhuis Dolores Leeuwin jumping pink running shoes New York


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Het Klokhuis

This fun photo was made for the Dutch children’s television show “Het Klokhuis”, a program on which a wide variety of professions are explained to the children in an engaging and understandable way.

On one of the broadcasts, I was asked to explain what advertising photography was, how it worked and what it is like to work in the field.

I decided that the best way to explain my profession was to create a fake advertising case study. I chose an advert for running shoes, since it is a kind of photographic assignment that commonly comes up in ones professional career. I decided to create a case where, due to costs and production issues, the image had to be composited from several shots–a situation that’s quite common within the industry. 

The result was this photo. The Brooklyn Bridge is in the foreground of the photo with a sneaky Chicago skyline pasted into the background. For the runner displaying the shoes, I had the host of the show jump on a trampoline in front of a blue screen in the studio. I masked that image in the computer and added it to the composite. Result!

The show I presented on can be seen here (in Dutch)

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Kinki hairdressers (Kinki kappers)

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Kinki Hairdressers (Kinki Kappers)

This was a fun little shoot for Kinki Kappers (Kinki Hairdressers). This hair studio chain based out of Rotterdam were eager to advertise in an entertaining way that, for a limited time, customers would receive a small hair product with each haircut. 

Hair products shouldn’t be tested on animals, but who said you can’t give your pet a stylish hairdo? With that idea in mind, we made this tongue in cheek advert that creates laugh out loud results.

A larger campaign was launched that included outdoor posters and engagement on social media.

Of course, no animals were harmed in the making of this advert.

Jaguar XK bonnet

Jaguar XK

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Jaguar XK

Over the years I’ve shot many, many cars.

Usually, my clients are eager to show the entire product in the shoot. Sure, a car is a sum of its parts. Why not give the customer the entire picture?

However, in this personal study of a Jaguar XK, I wanted to shoot from a different angle. Instead of photographing the car as a whole, I wanted to reveal its beautiful lines and create a more graphical approach towards my car photography. Like my Office series, I wanted to make an engaging image without showing the entire subject.

For this shoot I focused on a specific section of the car to highlight its beautiful design. I used a background with subtle roughness to emphasize the smoothness of the car and its shiny metal surfaces. The lighting is also tweaked, making the colors really pop, and to create something quite different from the typical studio approach to car photography.


liquids Milk in water


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This is another personal project that engaged with my fascination in details. This study explored the behaviours liquids exhibit when poured into water. To create an interesting contrast, I poured milk and black ink, a sort of yin and yan of colour contrast, into the water and photographed the result. Both liquids created a unique, magical dance that was a joy to capture. 

Notice the complementary background.

liquids Ink in water

Histor paint

Histor paint Co.

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Histor Paint Co.

A creative idea that shows the paints Histor Paint Company has to offer, as well as what around the house you can paint them with. All images were created in 3D.


grenade dark sublte colour


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This image was shot for the Dutch insurance company “Nationale Borg”. They are obviously in the insurance business, insuring large national projects. For the image I created a backdrop with charcoal and I used fairly simple lighting, just some highlights below the ring.

Note the image below with the nice detail of the grenade and the subtle colour differences in both highlights and the darker areas.

Grenade detail dark black subtle colour

dating mac mouse red light 3d cgi


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An art director friend wanted to create a speculative online dating advert with a simple concept: find the love of your life with the click of a mouse.

To make a memorable image, I create a model of an old Mac mouse, using the iconic red light of the mouse as a symbol for love. I also shaped the wire into a heart shape to really drive the point home.

This image was created entirely in 3D.

Saluki gazelle hound white studio


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This advert was created for a dog-walking client.

The Saluki, or gazelle hound, is a beautiful creature with origins in Iran, or former Persia. Historically, nomads used Saluki hounds for hunting and other tasks. Built for running, these agile dogs won’t stand still … not even for a picture.

This comical image was imagined by one of my close friends, art director Ton van Jole. We wanted to show, in an intelligent way, that the dog walker offered such incredible exercise for your dog that the animal in question would need a relaxing soak after their workout.

Of course, the Saluki being the kind of animal it is, I was only able to capture about five pictures of the dog actually standing sill in the bucket. I used those images and matched them to another image where this astounding hound had his head proudly in the air, and created one chill Saluki, getting his well-deserved rest.

Cutlery citroën bib gourmand knife fork napkin


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A subtle play with symbolism, this advert was made for Bib Gourmand, a publication made by the Michelin company. Bib Gourmand is a guide for drivers looking for top-notch restaurants throughout Europe.

To create an image true to both Michelin and Bib Gourmand, I created a napkin using CGI that shows the iconic double chevron logo of Micheln at its folded top. I used a subtly shifting colour scheme to represent the subtleness of fine cuisine.


Cape Canaveral Kennedy space centre Florida rocket space shuttle kodak tri-x

Cape Canaveral

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Cape Canaveral

Another personal project; I took these shots during a visit to the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral.

The scale of the projects on display in Cape Canaveral was, to my mind, simply overwhelming. The vehicle assembly building, used to assemble manned vehicles for space travel, has long been the largest single story building on earth. In fact, during my tour, I was told that the internal volume of the building is so large that rain can form inside the building. Incredible.

The size of the first moon rocket, the Saturn V pictured here, is incredible. Over 110 metres tall, and ten metres in diameter, it is the largest rocket ever built. An example of one of the Saturn Vs launched from Cape Canaveral was on display, and I knew I had to shoot it.

The photographs shown here are taken in the so-called “rocket garden”. There, different test rockets are on display, including the Saturn V, which is laid down and shifted in parts so the different stages of the rocket, used to exit orbit, are completely visible.

These pictures were taken on Kodak Tri-X film at 800 iso and scanned digitally. I used the clouds floating overhead as part of the retouching process to give a foggy look to the picture, representing the massive exhaust fumes that arose from a launch.