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The Cow ring, 3D print

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The Cow ring, 3D print.

These are exciting times. I never thought my line of work would widen itself so rapidly. From just plain photography to a combination of imagery and cgi or a creation entirey done in 3D, as the above image of the cow ring, 3D print in polished silver, is done. Even the cow skin and hairs are modelled. Through rapid technological development several professions merge into a profession no one invented a name for yet, or if you do know, send me an email;-)

This image shows a 3d model of a ring which is printed in Sterling silver and afterwards polished.

Frysians grazing in Holland

In this case I needed a birthday gift for my wife. Since she is raised in a family of farmers she still shows some weakness for cows. I figured, wouldn’t it be awesome to create something especially for her, a one of a kind piece. Because of her love for cows I took the skin pattern of a Frysian cow and created a flat 3D model which I wrapped around a virtual cylinder representing the size of her finger. The cow ring is printed in polished Sterling silver with the help of our Shapeways partner. Because of the irregular shape, the ring can have a different look by turning it around your finger. Scroll down for a video of the changing shape.

This image shows a 3d model of a ring which is printed in Sterling silver and afterwards polished.

The flat 3D pattern wrapped around a cylinder


Flat polygon model of the cow pattern

Flat polygon model of the cow pattern

Currently the ring is available in three sizes through our Shapeways shop. Here’s a chart that comes in handy to determine what size you’ll need, because of the non connecting shape, the ring is slightly adjustable.



Statue of liberty

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Statue of Liberty animation for the Dutch lottery  “Miljoenenjacht”

This commercial is completely rendered in 3D, CGI animation. The commercial, for those who don’t understand Dutch, is about winning a trip to New York.

The concept was to create a smiling Statue of Liberty that would appeal to the audience’s imagination. For the background I used a HDRI image of a sky. A flat sky image wouldn’t work–the sky had to move along with the camera as it panned around the statue. Using IBL (image based lighting), the statue reflects the light from the HDRI image, making the two fits seamlessly together.  The trickiest part was to create a believable smile–I mean, it isn’t every day you see a statue crack a grin.

The result speaks for itself.

Statue of liberty polygons 3d cgi animation hdri ibl smiling


Bose sound system car doors hifi livingroom

Bose sound system

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Bose Sound System

This is an ad that was made for Renault, the French car manufacturer, when they launched a new Megane model boasting a superior Bose sound system.  The adverts purpose was to suggest that the Bose system in your car is as good as any you would have in your house.

Location scouting for a large enough room with creamy walls and a concrete floor to make the art director’s vision come to life was proving to be too time-consuming. Due to the short production time, I decided to model the room, speaker mounts, wires, console and stereo in 3D. Only the car doors and carpet are photographed and pasted into the 3D model. This is just one example where CGI has saved time–and money–for a highly creative project.

Histor paint

Histor paint Co.

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Histor Paint Co.

A creative idea that shows the paints Histor Paint Company has to offer, as well as what around the house you can paint them with. All images were created in 3D.


dating mac mouse red light 3d cgi


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An art director friend wanted to create a speculative online dating advert with a simple concept: find the love of your life with the click of a mouse.

To make a memorable image, I create a model of an old Mac mouse, using the iconic red light of the mouse as a symbol for love. I also shaped the wire into a heart shape to really drive the point home.

This image was created entirely in 3D.