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Schaefer bridge #1

Schaefer Bridge

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Schaefer Bridge, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The Schaefer Bridge, named after the local politician Jan Schaefer, is located in the center of Amsterdam. It connects the city with the former harbor islands that are currently being redeveloped for housing. The bridge is a landmark, and many have shot it. I saw that as a challenge.

For me, shooting it at daylight would have been too easy. Instead, I used an HDR technique to shoot the bridge at night. I decided to stretch the technique to its limits, using it as a contrast limiter instead of implementing is simply as an effect. This made the bridge come to life in the dark. Every small detail of the bridge is visible, just like in daylight, which wouldn’t have been possible with the large contrast between shadows and the city lights.

The results, I think, are breathtaking.

grenade dark sublte colour


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This image was shot for the Dutch insurance company “Nationale Borg”. They are obviously in the insurance business, insuring large national projects. For the image I created a backdrop with charcoal and I used fairly simple lighting, just some highlights below the ring.

Note the image below with the nice detail of the grenade and the subtle colour differences in both highlights and the darker areas.

Grenade detail dark black subtle colour

Kitchen design stainless steel Vola tap hob sink stylish design dark


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When I rented a new studio, I was forced to rebuild everything. The studio was in truly bad shape and needed some loving care. In this rebuild, a new kitchen was needed. I love to design, and instead of hiring someone else, I decided to create my own vision for a dream kitchen. Of course, once it was built, I just had to photograph it.