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Sushi; Japan; tuna; knife; still life; rice; flag; Japanese flag; Room; clean; carpet; car; doors; stereo; Bose; sound; system; 3D; cgi; kamer; geluid; systeem; auto; deuren; Renault; megane


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Advertisment for Sushi Qube

A sexy shot of one of the delicious dishes from Sushi Qube, a swanky Rotterdam-based sushi restaurant in Holland. The sharp lines and colors of the photo exemplify the precision and beauty of the delicacies on Sushi Qube’s delicate menu.

Cutlery citroën bib gourmand knife fork napkin


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A subtle play with symbolism, this advert was made for Bib Gourmand, a publication made by the Michelin company. Bib Gourmand is a guide for drivers looking for top-notch restaurants throughout Europe.

To create an image true to both Michelin and Bib Gourmand, I created a napkin using CGI that shows the iconic double chevron logo of Micheln at its folded top. I used a subtly shifting colour scheme to represent the subtleness of fine cuisine.