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Bose sound system car doors hifi livingroom

Bose sound system

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Bose Sound System

This is an ad that was made for Renault, the French car manufacturer, when they launched a new Megane model boasting a superior Bose sound system.  The adverts purpose was to suggest that the Bose system in your car is as good as any you would have in your house.

Location scouting for a large enough room with creamy walls and a concrete floor to make the art director’s vision come to life was proving to be too time-consuming. Due to the short production time, I decided to model the room, speaker mounts, wires, console and stereo in 3D. Only the car doors and carpet are photographed and pasted into the 3D model. This is just one example where CGI has saved time–and money–for a highly creative project.

Het Klokhuis Dolores Leeuwin jumping pink running shoes New York


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Het Klokhuis

This fun photo was made for the Dutch children’s television show “Het Klokhuis”, a program on which a wide variety of professions are explained to the children in an engaging and understandable way.

On one of the broadcasts, I was asked to explain what advertising photography was, how it worked and what it is like to work in the field.

I decided that the best way to explain my profession was to create a fake advertising case study. I chose an advert for running shoes, since it is a kind of photographic assignment that commonly comes up in ones professional career. I decided to create a case where, due to costs and production issues, the image had to be composited from several shots–a situation that’s quite common within the industry. 

The result was this photo. The Brooklyn Bridge is in the foreground of the photo with a sneaky Chicago skyline pasted into the background. For the runner displaying the shoes, I had the host of the show jump on a trampoline in front of a blue screen in the studio. I masked that image in the computer and added it to the composite. Result!

The show I presented on can be seen here (in Dutch)