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Tegenkracht foundation (Stichting Tegenkracht)

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Portraits shot for the Tegenkracht foundation

The Tegenkracht Foundation (also called the Stichting Tegenkracht in Dutch) encourages people with cancer to engage in a little healthy sport to help gain the strength necessary to cope with the hardships of chemotherapy. The portraits we took for the Tegenkracht Foundation represents a wide variety of people with different types of cancer participating in the foundation’s sporting program. A good campaign for a great cause.


All sports

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All Sports gym, Amstelveen, The Netherlands.

Beautiful, well-trained bodies that are perfectly toned are matched with … less than desirable faces.

To create faces that only a mother could love, I did a bit of creative retouching–adding pimples and spots, changing the lips and hairlines … even the eyes. After that, the faces were combined with the well-trained bodies of the gym member models.

“All Sports, everything helps”.