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stainless steel

Sushi; Japan; tuna; knife; still life; rice; flag; Japanese flag; Room; clean; carpet; car; doors; stereo; Bose; sound; system; 3D; cgi; kamer; geluid; systeem; auto; deuren; Renault; megane


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Advertisment for Sushi Qube

A sexy shot of one of the delicious dishes from Sushi Qube, a swanky Rotterdam-based sushi restaurant in Holland. The sharp lines and colors of the photo exemplify the precision and beauty of the delicacies on Sushi Qube’s delicate menu.

Kitchen design stainless steel Vola tap hob sink stylish design dark


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When I rented a new studio, I was forced to rebuild everything. The studio was in truly bad shape and needed some loving care. In this rebuild, a new kitchen was needed. I love to design, and instead of hiring someone else, I decided to create my own vision for a dream kitchen. Of course, once it was built, I just had to photograph it.